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    An Upcoming Way to Contact 911

    I recently came across this interesting article. This woman is trying to make 911 available to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community, as well as non-English speakers, as her family falls into both categories. It's awesome she's turned this into her purpose in life. The article...
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    Could F-Droid Potentially Give Google Play a Run For It's Money?

    I recently came across this thread: I originally was going to respond to it, but then I realized I'm better off making my response a separate thread. Being that F-Droid isn't the creation of some big, well-known company with...
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    Computers Have Been Gradually Going Against the Unix Philosophy

    As computers have evolved over the last several decades, there's been a number of improvements made, but there's also been a number of dumb decisions made, and one of those decisions was to make computers all-in-one devices. When I say "all-in-one", I'm not just referring to these modern...
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    Will Email and Delivery Companies Ever Phase Out the Post Office? Why or Why Not?

    I don't have a problem with the post office per-se (I used to have a great relationship with this one mailman before he took a different route), but we're at a wierd time period where it may need to exist anymore. Email doesn't cost anything to send, and can appear in someone's inbox in a...
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    Ghost Framework

    Hello I recently discovered ghost framework on Kali Linux. Lately I've been thinking that,if we connect to random ADB(android debug bridge) through Ghost framework and sniff the information (knowing it's illegal!). If the person get to know that we are peeping on this device. Is it possible for...