1. Nemesis

    Can't run a copied program

    I copied a program that had spaces and stuff that made it difficult to write in the terminal. I simply copied it to pss (sudo cp [appname] [pss]) But when I write pss in the terminal, it says that There is something called pss in that directory now..
  2. P

    naming custom shell command

    I have a custom shell that i am implementing. I am trying to keep the commands for that shell close to what people are used to for a normal linux shell. I am having a hard time finding any naming convention style guide, so i am seeking assistance here. I want to list all the toys associated...
  3. KinglyPack

    Pulling through .PNG files from specific sub-directories in a directory

    Oh hai everyone, First post, much excite... So, I was trying to pull out all the .png images from a series of sub-directories all called 'Images', these were each within a directory with a unique name, shown with a the wildcard * below. find /Documents/PB_Export/*/Images/ -name '*png'...
  4. CptCharis

    Terminal not accept passwords

    Hello guys, Hope all of you have a great day!!! Since I updated to "Tessa" I have spot out this two issues: 1. I can't minimize any window (what ever I will do windows closing) this is the minor one problem 2. My terminal is not accepting any password exept sudo ( i.e I can't ssh ) this is...
  5. T

    How to print a text file separated by 3 paragraphs?

    I have a textfile that contains a story from a book, and I want the Linux terminal to print out this story but with paragraphs that are 3 lines long. What would be the best command to use? Thanks
  6. mohit tomar

    Recovering deleted files, if possible.

    Hello, I was working with some obsolete xls/xlsx files and at the same time learning to work with commands. As I'm a beginner with linux. However what I discovered is that mv command should be used with utmost care as what seemed to me is that it is as dangerous as rm command. So following is...
  7. Alboy1975

    $PATH output different from all seen examples

    Hi yet again. I'm working through an online tutorial to better understand terminal, which I've now learned is a means of inputing commands, options and inputs which the shell then interprets and acts upon (bash being most common shell). The commands are stored within the path and are called...
  8. A

    nnn - the missing terminal file browser for X

    This post is a shameless attempt to introduce nnn - https://github.com/jarun/nnn I've been writing `nnn` for a year and it's stable now. Available on several distros and each release comes with cooked packages for multiple distros. `nnn` runs on Linux, OS X, Raspberry Pi, Cygwin, Linux...
  9. J

    Gnome Terminal Won't Open

    My gnome terminal was working like normal, I don't know what happened, but now I can't open it. Screenshot of error included below. Thanks!
  10. Alboy1975

    Complete linux noobie, ordered secondhand laptop (what i need to know)

    Hi I am awaiting delivery of the below laptop, which I've picked up for £170: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lenovo-Thinkpad-Ultrabook-Helix-11-6-Touch-i7-3667U-8GB-256GB-SSD-Windows-10/153120834786?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have been around computers most of my...
  11. blackneos940

    Does Anyone Know How To Link A Qt Button With A Terminal Command.....? :3

    I was wondering this today, and I'm not sure how..... :\ Keep in mind that I'm still pretty new to Qt, and might need a complete File, #includes, int main(), and all..... :3 I wanna do all this from Nano, so I don't have to use Qt Creator, if possible..... :3 Thank you SO much...