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    Txt file content recovery

    Hi everyone, I have made a huge mistake by resetting my phone without checking if I had already wrote some of my passwords somewhere else; knowing it is hard to recover data after formatting, I searched the internet to find a solution - and usually those apps on PS don't work. I found out about...
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    [SOLVED] Gparted and Disks reporting different partition tables

    Hi there! I made a major goof and wrote a debian.iso to /dev/sdb (actually what I remember doing is writing it to /dev/sda but for reasons I'll get into shortly, my disk is reporting it differently. As I understand it, that means that the first 430Mb or so (size of debian-10 netinstall) has...
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    Please! Recover possible deleted/unmounted hard drive

    Hello ladies and gents. I have a absolutely horrible situation. Some how,not sure. Perhaps only a mistake by my 4 year old or something. But os will no longer boot from hard drive. I am still a fairly new Linux user and this is a massive headache. Then i topped the whole nightmare with a...