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    Why I Love Sed and a Clear/Practical Beginner's Guide to Using It

    Since using linux, my favorite piece of software I have discovered so far is sed. Sed is a command line utility that stands for "stream editor". It was made based off the text editor named "ed", which is different from notepad, gedit, vim, or emacs. With ed, you create text files line by line...
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    QTerminal (Kali) - Numeric Sort when numbers at the end

    Hey:) As part of my studies I started learning about Kali Linux as my first ever Linux distro. Lately we learned a bit about the QTerminal, pipes & sorting We now have been given a list with ~10000 words Out of these 10000 words there are 100 words that are similiar but have different numbers...
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    Found malicious code... but need search and replace to remove it

    My websites were attacked by some kind of redirect attack. After a few hours of looking at PHP code, I found the following...