1. T

    Text selection using Ctrl+Shift+Cursor Keys in Linux.

    Hello everyone. I'm very used to 'Windows'-based text selection using Ctrl + Shift + Cursor Keys (to select text 'word by word'). The problem is that on Windows I used Ctrl + Shift keys to switch keyboard layouts, and text selection was working just fine. But in Linux I noticed that if I choose...
  2. L

    Sdout stream a command into the same file?

    I do not know if I expressed myself well in the title, but please correct me if I am wrong. Here I have a beginner problem: I have a file with multiple lines of code, and I can number lines of code with nl command, now I want to number the lines but i want to stream the output into the same...
  3. blueray

    Text Above and Bellow Selected Lines

    I am using Geany. These is a option Edit > Format > Send Selected To > Set Custom Commands Here, for example if I want to sort selected text, I just use sort command. What I want this (Set Custom Commands) to do is put .... above and bellow my selected line/s. For Example if I select the...