1. Searinox

    Serve NTP but only after Linux Syncs Itself

    I have a Debian Linux setup on a Raspberry Pi. In addition to DNS - which I've already set up - I would like to make the device be an NTP server as well. I already know I have to install the "ntp" package in order to set up a server. The problem is that the device has no RTC and so I do not...
  2. A

    Need help with time conditions in BASH scripts

    Hi folks, I'm going to need help, and I hope someone can share experience with me. So, the task is to create a bash script which will parse the JSON data from a REST API (which totals a number of errors at a certain period of time). The output is to get the number of errors in the last 5...
  3. D

    date time diff (bash)

    itry to make date time diff in seconds looked on the web for different soltuin but nothing works for example this are my dates data1=`date +"%d-%m-%YT%H:%M:%S"` and second date i get from query values for example : 03-07-2019T17:25:58 03-07-2019T13:00:00 how do i get time diff in seconds?
  4. W

    NTP sync with HWClock

    Dears, I have a trouble: the output of this command "ntpdc -c sysinfo" gives this: [root@***]# ntpdc -c sysinfo system peer: ************** system peer mode: client leap indicator: 00 stratum: 6 precision: -24 root distance: 0.10782 s root...
  5. B

    Time and date sync with htpdate.

    Ubuntu have htpdate packet for time sync with compability servers. But after update Ubuntu (Xubuntu) to 1904 good old htpdate dont working :( Like this: :~# htpdate -a -s -P proxy.server.my:8000 ntp21.vniiftri.ru No server suitable for synchronization found But server return answer! :~#...