tiny core linux

  1. bungee1980

    tinycore forum registration broken

    hello has anyone else had the problem of registering at forum.tinycorelinux.net? the last captcha is broken so i cannot register... i tried on different computers with both brave browser and firefox so i'm pretty sure it isn't on my end. i don't know how to contact them to let them know without...
  2. leny

    Cannot install linux on Aspire 5100 [SOLVED]

    Hello all, I've already given up my old Acer Aspire 5100 few times, but everytime I'm ready to dump it I decide to try again, because I don't understand why I cannot get this old laptop to work with a very light Ubuntu distro or something. It's a AMD Turion 62 X2 Mobile Tl-50, 64b, 1.75GB RAM...
  3. Pablo-Camara

    After downloading over 44 linux iso image files into my external HDD..Using MultiBootUSB I first decided to boot into Tiny Core Linux! xD

    Full description of what the f* I was doing on youtube's video description: