1. H

    USB modem not being assigned a tty

    Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well. I have a Huawei usb modem E8372h - 153, that I want to unlock. I am trying to send an AT command via minicom. Almost all the solutions that I have read rely upon the modem being assigned a tty. The problem is that my modem is not being assigned a...
  2. T

    How do I auto-run a script when I change User?

    Mint 20.04, Ryzen 5-4500: Hi, I am developing (Lazarus-FPC) some bespoke internal+external email-software for my Son's business and I need to isolate it from the Internet while testing. I have created a Standard-User "Test" to work there and I need it to crash at "no Internet" to handle errors...
  3. E

    GNOME Desktop Environment Not Working

    I'm able to open gnome classic but trying to open the default gnome from the login screen, will result in a window showing up saying "Oh no something went wrong..." (btw idk but two gnomes showes up when im picking a desktop envoirment)I just installed kali linux and after installation it opened...
  4. CptCharis

    GUI not loading

    Good morning everyone, I left my laptop open over night and i found it next morning with frozen screen. I restarted it but when I entered my password in welcome screen GUI cant be load. I am able to log in my account with my pass in tty. So no problem with my account. Do anyone knows what is...
  5. CptCharis

    Mouse in tty

    Good day Everyone!!! Can I use my mouse in an Arch tty? Thanks.