ubuntu 20.04

  1. Xarzu

    How do I rum vmware-uninstall-tools.pl on Ubuntu?

    How do I rum vmware-uninstall-tools.pl on Ubuntu? On a Windows 10 OS, I have been using VMware to set up a vitrual machine (because of some strange security concerns with the company, I can not use Hyper-V) and I am using Ubuntu as the OS for the virtual machine. VMware requires that I run...
  2. Xarzu

    Looking for Ubuntu VMware Tools Disk Image

    This might be more of a VMware question than an Ubuntu question. But I suppose it might be helpful to make this post here in case I can find some added insight into my issue. I need to know where to find the ISO file for Ubuntu to install VMware Tools. I installed VMWARE Workstation 16 Pro to...
  3. V

    Problems starting my Notebook

    I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop however every time I turn on my laptop pic related appears. If I click on the Ubuntu option the operating system tries to boot but many times it only shows information that ends in "[21".... In advanced options I get the same thing
  4. E

    "Activation of network connection failed." Always shows up.

    Hello folks. So, I've setup a print server in our office using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and successfully setup CUPS to be available over the network to all devices. But, every time I tried to connect the print server to our router, it keeps showing "Activation of network connection failed." error...
  5. D

    What does it mean when they say Feren OS is a rolling distribution?

    I am a noob linux user, on Feren OS. This is how my update script looks like (which runs as an anacron job with root privilege once in a while, and all other automatic updates from the GUI are turned off). apt-get --assume-yes --fix-missing update apt-get --assume-yes upgrade apt-get...
  6. M

    Dummy output - OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dh0xxx (PopOs system)

    Hello there, maybe one of you has had this problem and knows how to solve it. After installation PopOs 21.10 there is no sound and microphone. Output device: Dummy output After adding these two lines to `/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf` sound works. However, the microphone does not work...
  7. V

    Ubuntu 20 issues Startup issue

    Why i am getting this issue when i turn-on my laptop..i have recently installed 20.4 Ubuntu OS after replacing HDD with SSD, I have set SSD as my Primary & HDD as Secondary storage ? Storage..
  8. V

    How to Remove Ubuntu 20 Unwanted Folder/Partition?

    I have installed SSD in my dell laptop with HDD, i have recently installed Ubuntu 20 in my laptop , but i am seeing unknown folders from bpool to 538 MB Volume.. how can i remove these folders.. i am new to linux ecosystem..
  9. W

    Screen blinks after sleep

    The screen of my Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 (AMD Ryzen 5 4600H (NVIDIA GTX 1650 4GB/120Hz Refresh Display), 82EY00UAIN ) starts blinking once I turn it back on from sleep mode. I have dual boot with Windows 11 and Ubuntu 20.04, I face this problem only while I am using Ubuntu. Restarting the laptop...
  10. L

    help me

    I wanted to install ubuntu on the computer, but only the terminal appears, what should I do? can you help me?
  11. N

    Buzzing Noise on Dell Inspiron 3505 with Ubuntu 20.04

    I installed Ubuntu 20.04 on my Dell Inspiron 3505 laptop and whenever I play any sound it gives a buzzing noise in background. Before installing Ubuntu I have windows installed in it and that time everything works fine. It has speaker "family 17h (models 10h-1fh)" and AMD radeon graphics. I...
  12. Z

    SDA5 Full

    Started up a ubuntu 20.04 lts on a VM with a GUI. Despite allocating 30gb to the VM I constantly was getting warnings that my storage was running out even though I had 12gb available of the 30gbs (from what I could see on vmware). I restarted to machine and the GUI wasn't loading but I could...
  13. P

    file preview on linux systems (Ubuntu distributions)

    do any of you know any software that allows you to view files - in a similar way as in Windows. Something like the picture? but not "sushi", I'm looking somthing like automatic preview.
  14. N

    Can I use an alterative port for syslog if 514 is already taken?

    I currently have an Ubuntu 20.04 server receiving logs (via syslog) from our load balancer over UDP port 514. I also want to use the same Ubuntu server to receive logs (via syslog) from our vcenter appliance. Since port 514 is already used for syslog on my syslog server, can I use another...
  15. N

    How to send collected logs via syslog to another server?

    We have an Ubuntu server that acts as our syslog server. It is currently ingesting logs from our Centos7 which is our syslog client. From the syslog server, is there a way to send only the collected logs from Centos7 to another Linux server? The flow would look like: Centos7 (syslog client)...
  16. jeremyy44

    2.5Gb/s nic at 1Gb/s speed Jeremyy44

    Hi, So I recently decided to switch to linux for my main OS and I have been having some problems with my nic. So my setup is pretty straight foward I have two 2.5Gb/s nics one in my pc and one in my server that are both directly connected to one another. My problem is that I am not able to get...
  17. D

    Which distribution is most visually similar to Garuda but using Ubuntu Core?

    I am myself a long term Linux Mint user of intermediate proficiency. But recently I just tried Garuda linux KDE dragonised from a live USB and it blew my mind. I would wish to switch right away, if not because of my impression (reading from some possibly biased sources) that every update can...
  18. T

    extra battery is recognized but not charged

    Hi community, I have Ubuntu 20.04 running on a Fujitsu lifebook s761 with two batteries. Ubuntu is recognizing both batteries but is just charging the main one. Previously, Windows was running on the laptop and the second battery was working as intended. Do you have any idea why it is not...
  19. M

    Ubuntu 20.04: problems with dpkg when installing new applications

    I have problems with dpkg when installing new applications When I run sudo apt full-upgrade I get the following error message: dpkg-deb: Fehler: »einfügen«-Unterprozess wurde durch Signal (Datenübergabe unterbrochen (broken pipe )) getötet Fehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von...
  20. jeremyy44

    netplan "renderer NetworkManager" = could not resolve 'ca.archive.ubuntu.com'

    Hi so today I stumbled upon a problem. When adding the line "renderer NetworkManager" to my netplan .yaml I get a could not resolve error when trying to do a apt update. My .yaml looks like --------------------------------- network: ethernets: enp9s0: addresses: -...