1. F

    Help to choiche a distro Linux

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the Linux world but despite this I've already tried 5 different distros looking for the right one. In fact I tried Ubuntu, Opensuse, Mint and Pop Os but I always had problems with overheating and fan noise. My laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro with a ryzen 7 7735hs and a...
  2. P

    Masterpiece submission

    Hi! Putticha Srisuriyapong, that is my name. or you can call me Beam for short. Now I study in king mongkut's university of technology north bangkok. I write this post because I want to learn how to install vscode in Ubuntu Linux. please be kind to me tho. For my Github link...
  3. timurs022

    “Root file system not defined” in ubuntu

    Hello. Today I was trying to get a ubuntu dist on my computer, I specified the root file system, but after that it still said “root file system not defined. Please correct this” even though I did. Could anyone help?
  4. C

    Installing Problems

    Whenever try to install linux it shows "base address is zero assuming no ipmi interface" and do nothing but blinking a dash(-)! My laptop is currently running on Windows 10. I tried Zorin, Mint, Ubuntu, all are doing same. What's the problem and solution?
  5. M

    Minimal BASH-like line editing is supported.

  6. M

    Microphone icon doesn't disappear

    Hello, i enablaed noise cancellation, after that microphone icon doesn't disappear. Normally if a program is using microphone it is appear after closing that program microphone disappear but microphone always appears right top of the screen after enabling noise cancellation. I don't want to...