ubuntu wireless beginner

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    Ubuntu 22.04 WiFi driver not found: Mediatek mt7921e

    Hi everyone, I'm sort of newbie in Ubuntu and I've installed Ubuntu 22.04.2 on my desktop. I have a problem, "No Wifi adaptor found". I tried to google about it and tried some of solutions but nothing helped. My uname -r: My inxi -N output is: But still the errors on place: Will be highly...
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    USB Wireless gaming headset only works as a mic, when i connect it with wire it works fine

    So I recently bought a pair of steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless headphones and when i connect them to my laptop, the mic works but the speakers stay silent. I connected it to my nintendo switch and the audio works fine. The headphones aren't detected as speakers by the system at all, I tried...
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    Ubuntu 18.04.1 Realtek Wireless Adaptor not recognized

    I am trying to use Linux instead of Windows for the first time. I tried 11 (Eleven) installations of Debian 9.6 and had no success connecting to WiFi. I used the Firmware that was not included due to open source issues. It said the driver was installed already but needed the firmware. I...