1. K

    problems with Ubuntu

    Today I installed Ubuntu for the first time, before this Windows user, after installation, the desktop does not load, but this window appears, what should I do?
  2. Y

    Kubuntu bluetooth issue | Dell 3543 | Broadcom 802.11bgn bcm43142

    So, I am using Kubuntu for quite some time. Everything is perfect except the bluetooth. At first, the bluetooth was not working so I did some research and installed the driver BCM43142A0-0a5c-21d7.hcd manually and placed it in location /lib/firmware/brcm/ and rebooted. After that, it detects...
  3. OnlyWick

    How to examine `elf` file by hexdump?

    I'm learning elf file layout, so I'm reading Executable_and_Linkable_Format. In the beginning, I used `readelf -a` to exmine elf(.o file), but it provided is not my want, so I used hexdump -C to exmined it binaries form. I used `as -Og -g ... -o ..., ld ... -o ...` and `hexdump -C ...` to...
  4. B

    Ubuntu - Apache - sudo - command not found

    Hi guys, First of all, I'm a total newbie. I've done some research however I couldn't find the answer. Maybe because I don't understand it well enough. What I'm trying to do is to install Apache server on Ubuntu. I've tried to follow the step-by-step guide and I already have a problem right at...
  5. T

    Fix Grub bootloader via command line

    Hi, total newbie to Linux so please don't shout if I have posted this in the wrong place. My son has an old iMac which he somehow managed to wipe the Mac software off and install a duel boot system of Ubuntu and CloudReady. All worked good for a while until one day Grub wouldn’t allow a boot...
  6. L

    HP Smart/ HP Tango Linux support?

    Despite the name of the title, I have realized it was not particularly smart to switch to Linux without checking first if some of my stuff was actually compatible. I see that on HP's website they don't provide support for the HP Tango and the Linux operating system and, of course, the printer...
  7. F

    Can't install Linux

    Hi guys! I'm asking here out of desperation, I've been trying to install (Dual boot) Linux for a while now but nothing worked so far. So I downloaded Kali Linux from the official website and flashed it with Etcher as recommended on the website (aslo tried Rufus but none worked). Then I booted...
  8. N

    2010 iMac crashing with Ubuntu Creator

    Hello everything, wow so impressed with Linux so far, I’ve had money issues for a decade now and as an artist editing software is a key part of my practice. I have downloaded Ubuntu Studio for my iMac with the specs below, I am new to Linux/refurbing computers but happy to learn. I thought I...
  9. L

    Convert Linux boot from Legacy to UEFI

    Hi there, my old Intel i7 (1st Gen) system just got toasted. Once again the motherboard failed. I can only get these used anyway and since the system is 12 years old (worked great in all these years with about 20 different Linux flavors) and it is already the 5th motherboard I ruined, I...
  10. Sueno1123

    Some people REALLY hate Ubuntu...

    I'm buying a new laptop soon, and I would very much love to install Linux on the old one. I have absolutely no experience with Linux, and very limited coding ability. I've heard that Ubuntu is perfect for beginners who could then later switch to Debian or something else, but is that really true...
  11. B

    What Linux distribution is best suited for Ansible AWX?

    I´ve got 3 options to work with as controller: -LinuxMint -Rocky -Redhat I like Ubuntu based distributions and if it possible I prefer go with LlinuxMint (Probably not best suited for Ansible AWX, but I wanna know for sure) Really appreciate your answer and experience
  12. M

    Is Linux Deepin trusted?

    As you may know Deeping is one of the most beautiful Linux distros but there are some doubts about using it among Linux community. What do you think about it? Is it 100% safe to install and use it? Is there any privacy concerns regarding Deepin?
  13. J

    Error initiating Ubuntu

    Hello there, After trying to install some dependencies, the following error is ocurring on UBUNTU (recent version) The full error message in red color is: Failed to start default target: Transaction for graphical.target is destructive (emergency.target has 'start' job queued, but 'stop' is...
  14. A

    What is / where is "ubuntu" boot file ?

    I do not have access to Ubuntu forum so I am posting my question here. My system is mutiboot , all Ubuntu. When I boot I get text screen with menu entries with access to my OS's I assume it is build by ":grub". However , the first entry( on top) is "ubuntu" - single line text, not a OS...
  15. C

    Is there a problem with the way that Ubuntu mounts/reads flash drives?

    Sorry if this question seems like gibberish to you, I am still a n00b in terms of general linux knowledge. It seems like operating systems in general struggle with this, the data on the drives must be written properly to begin with for operating systems and the BIOS to be able to recognize...
  16. K

    Perform Double VPN (multi-hop VPN)

    Hello everyone, I had new challenge with routing traffic through two VPN servers as shown in fig. 1. Figure 1 Here is some real information about this scenario: VPS2: - I call it L2 - Located in France - Runs Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS - Has eth0 as default interface connected to Internet -...
  17. G

    DELL Latitude 7300 Ubuntu 18.04 NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD not detected + incorrect status

    Hi all, I have a dell pc running only ubuntu, it's not a dual boot. Surprisingly, I powered it on and found a weird critical error message: I have searched everywhere, I tried all the tricks that I know like removing the drive, removing the battery but till now, the problem is still...
  18. I

    Switching to a Linux Distro (Probably Kali or Ubuntu, haven't decided yet) from Windows 10 (No Dual Boot)

    I would like to completely switch to a Linux Distro (Either Kali or Ubuntu, still deciding) from my Windows 10 Laptop. I know you can do Dual Boot that lets you switch from Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux whenever you want, but I want to make the full switch. Do I just go to the website...
  19. S

    Help with using networkd on ubuntu desktop rather than network manager

    Hi I've two ubuntu desktop machines running and I am trying to set up one to operate as a router. I've set both to use networkd using this tutorial here What I've done so far: Server: /etc/sysctl.conf - net.ipv4.ip_forward=1 sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i enp0s8 -o enp0s3 -j ACCEPT sudo iptables...
  20. G

    Having Issues with Ubuntu Installation on Lenovo Ideapad 5i Pro

    Hello. I bought the laptop a few days ago without an operating system. Since then I tried to install Ubuntu and was challenged with several errors. I used 'Rufus' to create UEFI and BIOS/UEFI bootable USB, and every time I selected Ubuntu to be installed, the computer showed the following...