update issues

  1. tinfoil-hat

    Solved Flatpak Update fails

    Hi, when i try to do a flatpak update I get: Info: (pinned) runtime org.freedesktop.Platform.Locale branch 21.08 is end-of-life, with reason: org.freedesktop.Platform 21.08 is no longer receiving fixes and security updates. Please update to a supported runtime version. Info: (pinned)...
  2. G

    Cannot turn on Linux on Chromebook

    Hello! I have a new ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX55 Flip. I cannot turn the Linux development environment on. Always says ChromeOS requires update, but there is no update available (current version 104). I tried to switch on beta channel, but I get the same message. Do you now any solution? Thank you!
  3. Confused_nerd

    [Solved] Having trouble with update manager.

    Hello, I'm using linux mint 20.1 (ulyssa) version. A few days ago, I was checking for updates using the GUI update manager. I clicked refresh button on the top toolbar, then it opened up a window like it always does. While it was doing its thing, the wi-fi went down midway, then the window...
  4. S

    Elementary OS Update issue [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone. I just downloaded and installed linux on my pc after i heard how great it was. I used the official elementary os website which i found on linux.org. however after installing it i got the error that reads I can't update my OS because the source files might be corrupted and some...
  5. D

    Deepin 20.1 update manager saying Dependency error cannot connect to the...

    Hi im pretty new to Deepin OS and i was using it with no issues until now, when i went to reboot the PC i got stopped because unattended-upgrade-shutdown was running or something, and it said stop updates or finish before restarting, so i went to the update manager and clicked it, it came up as...
  6. D

    Cannot Boot after Updating to Linux 4.15.0-124

    Have been able to boot to any previous version on the machine but the latest update always results in a crash -- as the update was just tonight, not sure how many other may (or may not) have had the same experience. Attempted to no avail... fsck /dev/mapper/mint--vg-root Results: Error 2 (No...