1. J

    Deleted repo still in system and makes me unable to update

    Hi all, this is my first post here, i work with rocky and debian linux mostly. Yet untill now i have ran into a very annoying issue with my sources/repo list. Hit:1 http://deb.debian.org/debian bookworm-backports InRelease Hit:2 http://deb.debian.org/debian-security bookworm-security InRelease...
  2. CataclysmicGentleman

    Is LMDE 6 out yet?

    See here: https://community.linuxmint.com/iso It shows this: Does it mean I can update from LMDE5 to LMDE 6 now? I use AMD 64, wheres the update button LOL. theres "how tos" for going from 4 to 5 but nothing yet on how to go from 5 to 6. LMDE6 supposedly will have supporting drivers for my...
  3. CataclysmicGentleman

    how to remove other kernels

    I have 5.10, 5.18, and 6.1 of the Linux kernel installed. 5.10 came with LMDE5 but the others were installed in an attempt to get the GPU working, we came close. just wanted to know how to remove the unneeded ones, also a side question: why does my update manager want to update things ...to...
  4. F

    Updating Ubuntu Removes FTL?

    I use Ubuntu 22.04 and running Pihole. Recently, I noticed that I wasn't able to update Pihole due to getting this error. So, after trying a few things, nothing worked. So, I ended up reinstalling a fresh Ubuntu and everything started working again. But, I updated Ubuntu today and after the...
  5. M

    Repositories update error

    When I try to update the repositories I get an error... W: GPG error: https://brave-browser-apt-nightly.s3.brave.com stable InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 0B31DBA06A8A26F9 E: The repository...
  6. M

    Certificate verification failed: The certificate is NOT trusted Ubuntu 20.04

    I haven't changed anything in my ubuntu, and all of a sudden this error showed up when I tried to update. I tried to do some changes as I saw in google and nothing changed. I would love to get some help. thanks!
  7. A

    Installed Zorin OS and now laptop won't charge? Lenovo ThinkPad E595.

    Hey guys, I am a bit of a newbie to the Linux scene (that's me trying to be modest) and I have recently installed Zorin OS on my ThinkPad E595. I've noticed that my battery does not charge anymore after the installation - when I plug my charger in, it detects it but it does not charge past it's...
  8. Confused_nerd

    [Solved] Having trouble with update manager.

    Hello, I'm using linux mint 20.1 (ulyssa) version. A few days ago, I was checking for updates using the GUI update manager. I clicked refresh button on the top toolbar, then it opened up a window like it always does. While it was doing its thing, the wi-fi went down midway, then the window...
  9. jeremyy44

    Mysql error!

    Hi I keep getting this error while trying to either configure or even remove mysql-server-8.0 and cant seem to find anything online to help. Even when I do 'sudo apt autoremove -y' I keep getting this error nothing seems to work. Setting up mysql-server-8.0 (8.0.22-0ubuntu0.20.04.3) ... Failed...
  10. Rob

    ansible - updating only installed packages?

    In ansible at work, I have some servers grouped by their project name. Sometimes this will group varying servers together like db servers, http servers, etc.. I know I can update rpm packages using ansible, but using the below playbook, i believe it'll install the package if its not already...
  11. L

    Upgrade Google Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on an old Dell 8250 and it is so stable. Is there any work around to update Google Chrome? I heard that Google has stopped making updates for precise. Thanks for your anticipated reply.
  12. V

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet

    Updating and upgrading friends GNU/Linux system without internet If you ever get stuck in a situation where you have to update / upgrade a system or server but you can not plug it directly to the network then here is easy solution for this problem. just follow these steps:- First Insert...