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    USB Wifi Not Working [Ubuntu 20.04]

    Hello, We've recently moved, and the desktop my kids use is no longer accessible to ethernet. I've got an old Anewkodi USB Wifi adapter I'm trying to get working. Based on reading other threads, I've tried adding the multiverse and universe repos, and installing `rtl8812au-dkms` (and rebooting...
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    usb 1-1: BOGUS urb xfer, pipe 1 != type 3

    My USB wifi adapter (AR9271 running on Embbeded linux(SMDK2440) with the ath9k_htc adapter)。 lib/firmware/ath9k_htc # usb 1-1: new full-speed USB device number 74 using s3c2410-ohci usb 1-1: ath9k_htc: Firmware ath9k_htcc_9271-1.4.0.fw requested usb 1-1: ath9k_htc: Transferred FW...