virtual box

  1. R

    MX-23 A few things simply wouldn't work out of the box, but do now. Test-drive anyone?

    Would anyone be willing to give this a spin and give me some feedback on it? It's Mx-23 with kernel 6.5 A few things simply wouldn't work out of the box, Virtual Box for starters, I made some minor changes and managed to get Virtual Box working with a Windows 11 install. It's mostly Vanilla...
  2. T

    Kali Linux

    I am getting this error when installing Kali. Does anyone know the solution to this problem?
  3. C

    Can't detect Rpi in virtual machine when trying to connect to a mosquitto broker

    I am setting up a MQTT architecture in my local network whose broker and one client are on a Rpi and another client is on a Parrot OS virtual machine (VM) located in a PC. The broker and the client of the Rpi work properly but when I try to connect the VM to the Rpi's broker by mosquitto_pub -h...
  4. D

    DHCP server / client configuration

    I'm trying to implement DHCP on two VirtualBox machine(6.1), one being the client and one being the server. I was trying to follow this guide here. However it doesn't seem to work. As the 'Create a host-only network' step no longer looks the same (it automatically makes a DHCP Server with...
  5. AwesomeGAMER_YT

    Testing Manjaro Linux Cube Desktop with KDE, Gnome or Xfce

    Hello, Members! We'll testing Manjaro Linux with Cube Desktop. Please Check it, if is not emulated: VirtualBox: Not Working (and still working...) VMware: Still Working. QEMU: Working. x86: Not supported (Massive Crash). PCem: Not Supported. 86Box: Not Supported. Please Emulate, if is...
  6. S

    Different networks communicating with each other?

    i have 4 Ubuntu 20.04 VMs running on VirtualBox. Each Ubuntu has 4 network adapters which i have added, they are all in bridged connection. My goal with this ideea is to have different networks such as ( or ore on each interface so that VM(1,2,3,4) has 3...
  7. D

    how to establish oracle db connection with linux virtual machine through ip?

    1)I am running windows 10 as host machine and i installed vbox 6.1.22 in it. 2)In vbox i have installed centos7 using host-only adapter and my host-only ethernet ip is 3)I have installed oracle10g in windows 10. 4)Now im trying to connect my jboss server in centos to my oracle db...
  8. D

    Is Virtualbox Energy Heavy? [Solved]

    I often keep a virtual machine running for relatively long periods of time, and after a while, the fan on my desktop gets loud (probably because it's using so much energy at the time). After I shut the VM down, the fan quiets down. I've been thinking about upgrading the hardware since its...
  9. D

    nvm solved

    ... I don't know how to delete a post
  10. D

    Ubuntu MATE Installation

    After setting up the installation process in Virtualbox, I was told to restart the computer. Even though I don't have any CDs or USBs plugged in, and did press enter, the distro feels like it's sitting there and doing nothing. I know I should be patient, but I've been sitting here for almost 10...
  11. J

    Ubuntu & Virtual Box Issues

    Hello, I am trying to run VirtualBox (VB) in Ubuntu 20.04. I went into the terminal to grant VB permission using steps in the video provided. I got up to the 2:50 mark and then it says I have to modify the Secure Boot UEFI (pictured below) and enable certain permissions by creating a password...
  12. I

    Stuck in (initramfs) BusyBox after unfortunate reboot.

    Hello my friends. New in this forum, but planning to participate and finally get some expertise in this. I've been a GNU/Linux user for some years now, I've been running Kubuntu 18.XX for about 2 years. I love it and will keep using it forever. Last night things started acting strangely...
  13. ToadmanX4

    Can't get Virtualbox running

    I'm on Linux Mint 20 and I'm trying to get a Windows 10 machine running, but to no avail. Every time I try running it, I get this message every time. "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908) The VirtualBox Linux kernel driver is either not loaded or not set up correctly. Please try setting it...
  14. GoldenDuckFloats

    VirtualBox - Can't load boot medium

    I'm having some trouble with VirtualBox in that whenever I tried to boot an OS, it can't find the partition (If that's what you call it). I can't tell if it has something to do with Vbox, Ubuntu 19.10, or my 5-year-old Laptop. I'm trying to use Windows XP mode but it doesn't work with any other...
  15. R

    Cant create the pipe symbol ( | ) inside a Debian VM running on a MacOS host

    Hello, I just set up a Debian VM on my MacBook, and when I try to create the pipe symbol by pressing option + 7, it does the following: Why is this and what can I do about it? Also, a little side question: Why does this work: cat test.txt > test2.txt But not this: cat test.txt | echo >...
  16. M

    Linux mint

    Hello I want to install Linux mint on my virtual box I downloaded the ISO file for mint website but when I try to use it gives me this message ( fatale error no bootable medium file )