virtualbox installation in windows 10

  1. A

    Shared folder not working in Ubuntu Studio

    Hi everyone, I am new here I am looking for some help to set a Shared Folder in Ubuntu studio installed on Virtual Box, I have had no problem doing this in other dist (Ubuntu mate, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Ubuntu 20) but I cannot make it work in Ubuntu studio. So I have installed the Guest Addition...
  2. MarSernna

    Which version of LINUX should I install on my WINDOWS 10 Laptop,

    Hi, thanks for helping. I'm very interested in learing all about LINUX, I've got my Laptop running Windows 10, I need to continue using my laptop as it is for my work; I read that the best way is to use a VM, Could you tell me how to do it and which version of LINUX would be the most...