1. tinfoil-hat

    Windows VM doesn't output sound on Hostmachine

    Hi there, I am using virtmanager with Linuxmint. The sounddriver I configured is ICH9: My XML is: <domain xmlns:qemu="" type="kvm"> <name>win10</name> <uuid>a309192d-83f1-4990-99be-fa4f51c9cc04</uuid> <metadata> <libosinfo:libosinfo...
  2. Q

    How to fix an audio echo issue in guest VM, in Skype, Zoom, etc?

    Host: PopOS Guest: Q4OS Issue: Audio echo in Skype run in guest VM.
  3. tinfoil-hat

    GPU Virtualization - GPU shared between Host and GuestVM

    Hi there, I heard it was possible to share the GPU with both (Host and GuestVM). Sadly I havent found much online. I heard it is possible via Nvidia RTX Series. I have a AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 5750G and AMD ATI Radeon RX 6600. OS is Linuxmint 21.1 Maybe someone here has done something similar. I am...
  4. B

    kvm running loop device as boot disk

    hey im trying to run a windows server vm on an ntfs partition as my ssd is almost full and i dont want to have the vm on my own ssd and on my nas all my drives are ntfs first i tried to have the qcow2 file exactly on my network ntfs partition which failed and after some looking around no luck...
  5. S

    Troubleshooting KVM guest's anaconda installer logs

    I am trying to install RHEL7.9 KVM guest on Ubuntu 18.04 Azure VM. The anaconda installer fails due to some error but the virt-viewer screen got closed so fast, I was unable to read what is the exact error. I know all anaconda logs get stored in /tmp/anaconda.log file on the KVM guest disk image...
  6. Lx_pollywog

    Newbee virtualization set-up. What do you think ?

    I wish my start screen was a simple os options panel like 'virt-manager' where i choose my activity. Is there such a thing as a ready made Linux Os or set-up specially conceived for virtualization similar to this description : My set-up plan : 1-One base stripped-down OS only used for...
  7. k4ir0n

    Is it possible to run x86-64 Linux VMs on ARM64?

    Case: I want to install an ARM64-based GNU/Linux distribution on Raspberri Pi 4, model B. After that, I want to install KVM + qemu to import a VM I created on AMD64. That VM runs Debian 10.4. Question: Is it possible to run AMD64 (or x86-64, the name you like) VMs on ARM64?
  8. M

    Headless client kvm | Administrating virtualisations of Windows

    Hey! I truly hope one of you good-willed persons can help with this enquiry. I think I am somewhere between beginner and intermediate at linux use and close to beginner with virtualisation. What I am trying to do: I want to have one server/main pc/cloud controlling "golden images" of windows...
  9. Y

    Replace KVM bridge with openvswitch for multiple vlan configuration in KVM host.

    I would like to replace my existing KVM bridge setup with Openvswitch, as we are facing performance issue when there is heavy traffic on the server. My existing KVM setup consisting of multiple KVM Host servers with Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. On each host machine we have two NICS example eth0 and...