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  1. tinfoil-hat

    Personal Websites - Share / Improve / Rate

    Hi there, I thought since many Linux users are very tech savy, maybe there are ppl here, that have websites. What do you think of sharing our websites and help others to improve theirs. With a quick search I didn't find such a thread, if there is one, please feel free to delete my thread...
  2. tinfoil-hat

    Post your personal Websites

    I'll start https://tinfoil-hat.net Maybe we can help each other with tips on how to improve or inspire others
  3. B

    Print WiFi-Scan result to apache webpage

    Dear comm, i want to scan for wifi-networks by using a html button & want to print the result to webpage, i would be grateful for a quick reply, greetz, blackleakz
  4. D

    Tim Berners-Lee is Working to Re-Decentralize the Web

    Hi everyone, I hope you're all doing well! :) As you know, the modern web has gradually become a tool of control by the Powers That Be, and the man who invented the original web has had concerns about that happening since day one. Now he's finally doing something about it by developing a...
  5. D

    LibreWolf 102 Makes Sites Crash

    I recently upgraded from 90 (which still had varying degrees of tracking protection under settings > privacy and security), and now LW feels too hardened. Here's an example of it causing a website to crash: Which settings do I change to get it to stop doing this?
  6. Adithyansm

    [SOLVED] Some websites not loading in Linux

    Hello, everyone have a good day, I was bored with the old vlc skin and wanted to download some new skins, So I went to the vlc webpage and it was not working. I thought It was my network issue but when I tried in windows it works perfectly fine. I tried in 3 browsers (EDGE, FIREFOX, CHROME)but...
  7. D

    Are YouTube Alternatives Finally Taking off?

    A number of you reading this are aware YouTube has gradually and consistently fallen from grace (partially due to Google's influence, *insert evil laugh*), and now it's just as sleazy, corrupt, and corporate as Walmart in terms of business practices. I'll admit I usually watch YouTubers through...
  8. OskOskOsk

    My website cant be reached from outside network.

    Hello, I host my website on Ubuntu Server using Apache 2. I can only reach my website using LAN network trought my prvate ip. My friends can access my Minecraft server on port :25565 but cant access website on port :80. I tried to turn off Linux firewall but it dont fix problem.
  9. sujatha90

    Website Link in Signature

    Hello Friends, I want to use my website link in signature. What is the procedure to add my website link in Signature. Thank You.