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    Asus Vivobook 15 x1502va - WIFI doesn't work. Fedora 38

    Hi my favorite community! I was not sure in which forum to create a topic, hardware or laptops, because the laptop works, but WIFI does not work. So I have: Laptop: Asus Vivobook 15 model: x1502va (bq079) OS: Fedora 38 Network controller: MEDIATEK Corp. Device 7902 DeviceName: WLAN Subsystem...
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    Limited Wifi connectivity (closed)

    Logged into Endeavour and suddenly find my Wifi has limited connectivity with a small yellow exclamation mark next to the wifi icon. I'd post output but of course I can't connect to the internet so, well....(I'm working from my LMDE laptop for the time being). Has anyone else had this problem...
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    Cannot connect to Wi-Fi on Kali Linux

    Hello! I am posting this thread because I am curious if anyone has experienced or is currently experiencing the same issue as I am. I downloaded the Kali Linux live USB image from Kali.org on my Intel MacBook Pro. I can browse the internet perfectly fine on my main operating system (macOS), so I...
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    [SOLVED] Cannot get WiFi recognized when installing PopOs 22.04 on 2015 MacBook Pro

    I am a seasoned technical calculations developer with C/C++, Fortran (and C#) on Windows, MacOS and RHEL, but an absolute neophyte when it comes to hardware drivers and linux kernels. I have fallen in love with PopOS installed on virtual computers, and now my MacBook Pro 15in 2015 model is no...
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    networking.service active failed

    I am using Kali Linux. My NetworkManager is enabled. But randomly my NetworkManager or networking.service goes down. Most of the time it's networking.service and my wifi is gone. And Then I'm unable to turn on the networking.service I think if I can configure the /etc/network/interfaces file...
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    WiFi Disabled on Kali Linux 2020.1b

    I've just installed Kali on my laptop. And to my surprise the wifi is disabled on it. Please help someone it's very urgent. Here's an image of right click on "connections" (if that's what it's called) icon on top. And here's an image of left click on the same icon. There's an checkbox which says...