1. B

    What goes on behind the scenes when a window is rendered?

    What goes on behind the scenes when I render any window. Is it possible to somehow capture all the frames into a buffer programmatically? I am trying to build a basic window sharing program but want to learn more about how a window is rendered and it's possible to somehow capture all the frames...
  2. cloudytechi147

    Python sub process script works on my Windows but not on my Linux

    I write a simple script to check the subprocess module and I tested it on both Windows and Linux. The script works fine on Windows but not on Linux. The interpreter in python is used in 3 versions on both. import subprocess host = input("Enter a host to ping: ") p1 = subprocess.Popen(["ping"...
  3. T

    Xubuntu window help

    Hello, I'm new to the forums & was hoping someone could help me fix a problem in Xubuntu. when I upload an image on a forum the window looks normal. but when I go to do it on an app like Discord. It looks like this. When I had Xubuntu previously installed. it didn't do that.