windows sucks

  1. CrazedNerd

    Is there a problem with the way that Ubuntu mounts/reads flash drives?

    Sorry if this question seems like gibberish to you, I am still a n00b in terms of general linux knowledge. It seems like operating systems in general struggle with this, the data on the drives must be written properly to begin with for operating systems and the BIOS to be able to recognize...
  2. GardenData61371

    Good distro for a gamer coming from Windows?

    Hi. I'm new here so sorry if a posted this in the wrong place. I wanted to switch to Linux ever since i heard about it 2 years ago. I never could do it because i'm a gamer. But now with Steam Play and all this stuff, can i finally make the switch? If yes, which distro is good for me? P.S. I...