1. vs2-free-users

    Quick guide Debian Setting up wireguard on a server (wireguard-go)

    Quick guide Debian Setting up wireguard on a server (wireguard-go) Preface Since you cannot currently use the standard wireguard on the vs2-free (not active in the kernel), I have taken a look at how you can still use wireguard. In my instructions I have used 2 vs2-free hosts. Of course you...
  2. M

    Wireguard VPN between two VPS

    Hello. I have problem - i'm trying setup wg vpn between 2 vps with killswitch and keep ssh working on client vps after wg tunnel up. That what i've tried: wg0.conf on server vps wg0.conf on client vps On client vps before start wg-quick up wg0 i use this iptables rules: After wg-quick...
  3. D

    Security and VPN's

    I'm a new convert to Linux and very much like the usability. My main concern when switching over was security as I handle some sensitive information on my computer, and maybe have an all to healthy sense of paranoia. This is partly my reason for switching over. I have an account with CactusVPN...