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    I dont see wlan0 interface

    I dont see wlan0 interface, i only see eth and lo
  2. G

    Wlan0 does not show.

    So I used "Ip a" to check something for a lab and Wlan0 doesn't show. I need Wlan0 for the lab. Does anybody know how to fix this? (This is on a Virtual Machine.)
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    networking.service active failed

    I am using Kali Linux. My NetworkManager is enabled. But randomly my NetworkManager or networking.service goes down. Most of the time it's networking.service and my wifi is gone. And Then I'm unable to turn on the networking.service I think if I can configure the /etc/network/interfaces file...
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    Wireless adapter not showing up anywhere but its connected (Parrot OS VB)

    Hey, I have connected my Realtek 802.11ac adapter and my host is not using it and it's not letting me connect to wifi or see it in iwconfig or ifconfig. Tried a bunch of solutions online and none of them are working.
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    No wlan0 on kali linux

    Hello, I'm under kali in a VM and I don't have wlan0 I tried to connect in wlan0 but without success, I can only connect in ethernet thanks.