1. E

    Horizon View Client - Black Screen - On Debian only

    Hello, I recently switched from Ubuntu to Debian. It's all working great except when I connect to a virtual machine via Horizon View, it does connect but the screen stays black. Anyone experienced this before and knows how to fix this? I'm hoping to stick with Debian, but this would be a deal...
  2. C

    Solved help asap, cant boot. Debian (LMDE5) LightDM error due to GPU code I need to remove

    dad is starting work in a week and the Desktop is the only thing that can print in the house. need help asap. I was trying to follow turbot's guide for installing drivers for the GPU (RX 6400) and so far he has given OK ish advice, but sometimes given not the best advice. I need help asap, I...
  3. M

    External monitor is on discrete video card

    Hello! I'm using laptop with intel integrated graphics and nvidia discrete card, and most of the time i keep nvidia one disabled to save battery, so i'm running X on intel, but sometimes i need to connect external monitor, which is not listed in xrandr when the X process is running on intel, but...
  4. naxsis61

    using multiple screen on linux server without WM , DE etc

    few hours ago I install for my 15 pc ubuntu server. I handle the res problem via grub.cfg file but the problem now I face is; some info here current grub res data : 1920x1080x32 laptop 15.6 " external monitor : 34 " what I need and want to do sperate those screens via cfg file if it detected...
  5. Z

    Problems X11 Linux RemApp to Windows 1Cv8

    Hello. There is a problem when opening 1Cv8 Remap with Windows servers even through the newest xfreerdp 2.4. The drop-down list in the program and any drop-down menu does not work. IT flashes and disappears instantly. I have tried all Ubuntu distributions and their derivatives. Connected all...
  6. E

    Help With dconf

    With dconf-editor I have changed a parameter but I want to put it back because it doesn't work, the problem is that I do this command but it says this: