1. shadypark78

    XFCE4 running on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 [ Works fine with Dex ]

    I was able to get XFCE4 running smoothly (not blazing fast). It works perfectly with Samsung Dex, which surprises me. The wireless logitech keyboard and the mouse work perfectly in the XFCE environment, and I can quickly switch back to Android (DEX) seamlessly. VNC Viewer will not work in Dex...
  2. T

    how to add curl command results to the panel

    i have got mx-linux 19-1. this is an api link for etherum crypto coin price: https://api.binance.com/api/v1/ticker/price?symbol=ETHUSDT i want to add the constant "price" result to my xfce panel or conky widgets. i searched too many hours for a conky widget but all included api links are out...