1. O

    Solved Don't work Wi-Fi on Xubuntu

    There is Live USB Xubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. Wi-Fi works fine. Installed Xubuntu from this Live USB to the hard drive and booted from the hard drive. Now I can't connect to wi-fi. Everything is fine with the Wi-Fi router. I am now using the Internet from the router on my phone. The password I...
  2. Z

    How to complete the partial de-branding done by cubic

    Hello. I see that cubic is able to de-brand some parts of the ubuntu installation,but not everything. Actually I'm tryng to de-brand xubuntu,after having customized its content to satisfy my needs. Infact I want to re-distribute the customized iso on my personal website. To do that,I read that...
  3. B

    Login Loop for Guest Session

    Hi, I'm facing a login loop for the guest session. After selecting the guest session, and hitting enter, system returns to the logon screen. Different to all other post I found, only the guest session is affected. Normal user login succeeds. Guest session worked for years in 18.04. (and prior)...
  4. R

    Problem with transferring media from Android to Xubuntu: LIBMTP error

    Can anyone help me with this problem that is already making me almost give up on linux after a decade ?? I'm already sick of this problem that prevents me from transferring media from my cell phone to the computer and vice versa! Whenever I try to move images, musics or videos it hangs in the...
  5. MrVeink

    Distro selection

    I found with my teacher an old PC and we decided to get it to work again. The specs are an Athlon XP 2600+, 1.5gb ram, GeForce 256 and ≈56-57gb of storage. I'm not sure should I install Xubuntu 18.04 or Zorin OS 12 Lite on it. Both have the same minimum system requirements. Which one is haves...
  6. T

    Using a USB device to boot, and run a Linux OS from

    Hi I have a very low-fi laptop; an HP Mini 5103, that I intend for casual use (internet, Word, and Excel at the most). The current OS that is on it is Windows 10, and whilst I don't really mind Windows 10, I am afraid that it might be a bit too resource heavy for the 5103. From what I have been...
  7. blackneos940

    How Do I Backup My Xubuntu (Or Any Linux )Install To An Image File?

    Hellooo..... :3 So I get the general idea..... I can use DD, Brasero, etc., but I wanna' use DD..... :3 The goal is to create an image of Xubuntu on my ASUS X205TA to the Hard Drive on a Server me and a friend have..... That way, we can access Files without turning this Netbook into...
  8. M

    GRUB2 Horrible booting time after Xubuntu update(dual boot with ubuntu(booting time normal)

    Hello Dear linux community I wasn't sure where I should write about it and in general if it would be useful, because I am quite a new to linux and I think, I fell I don't understand much. Anyway so in short I had firstly a ubuntu 16 on my PC and then I found my PC is not powerful enough to...
  9. blackneos940

    VirtualBox keeps spawning windows every time I open it :<

    So here I have a problem..... As the topic title says, every time I try and open VirtualBox (it's the latest version), VirtualBox keeps spawning more windows, and then closes each one (thank ADMIRAL ACKBAR, as it doesn't cause Linux to choke with too many open windows of a Program!.....) :3...
  10. T

    Xubuntu window help

    Hello, I'm new to the forums & was hoping someone could help me fix a problem in Xubuntu. when I upload an image on a forum the window looks normal. but when I go to do it on an app like Discord. It looks like this. When I had Xubuntu previously installed. it didn't do that.
  11. P

    What am I doing wrong? (xubuntu installation)

    Hello. I am a first time linux user trying to get xubuntu going. I downloaded the .iso file and put it on my flash drive using rufus, so I know that part is good to go. However, when I get to my BIOS screen and set the boot order to boot from usb first, it just keeps opening windows 10 no...