1. D

    One DistroTube Video is Badly Pixelated While Others Aren't

    DistroTube made a video back in 2020 about gun rights being similar to digital rights, and it was difficult to watch just now because it kept pixelating. To troubleshoot this, I tried changing the resolution from 360p to 720p (didn't work), I tried clearing the cache in my browser because I...
  2. JoeBlack

    What do you think about the Linux Content Creators out there?

    Does you follow, and listen/watch Linux content creators? (Podcast? Youtube? Writer of a book? Blog/News Articles) Who do you think are the most notable, well known "celebrities" in the Linux community? Who do you think are worth hearing? Recommendations? Who have you learned valuable things...
  3. D

    Online Video Buffering Issues

    I've noticed recently that whenever I watch a video on YouTube, HookTube, or Invidious, it buffers rather slow, which causes it to stop and have to buffer again (and can be quite annoying at times). I've cleared the cache in LibreWolf, hoping it will make the webpage move faster, but it doesn't...