zorin lite

  1. Adithyansm

    How to get an autocompletion in terminal Zorin bash shell [SOLVED]

    I have been using and learning kali for a couple of months and am used to its terminal. Like it will show a preview of previously typed command and we can use arrow keys to type the whole command and now I am using Zorin (Xfce) bash shell and missing that feature very much. Is there any way...
  2. MrVeink

    Distro selection

    I found with my teacher an old PC and we decided to get it to work again. The specs are an Athlon XP 2600+, 1.5gb ram, GeForce 256 and ≈56-57gb of storage. I'm not sure should I install Xubuntu 18.04 or Zorin OS 12 Lite on it. Both have the same minimum system requirements. Which one is haves...
  3. A

    Help with Linux installation.

    Hello, I have a problem, currently, I tried install Lubuntu or Zorin Lite in a Netbook Dell Inspiron MIni with Windows 7, but I can't install neither Lubuntu nor Zorin, when I tried install Lubuntu, the installation screen load and stop then not load anymore. If I tried install Zorin Lite, load...