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2012 Macbook Pro dual boot Debian Buster and Windows


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I upcycled my MB pro a while back and haven't had OSX on it since, however I need windows for one application that will not work through wine or otherwise. My configuration is as follows, original MB drive was swapped out for a SSD, I moved the original drive into an adapter and replaced the DVD with it. my SSD is setup as follows, SDA1 is my 512mb fat32 EFI partition, SDA2 is a 256mb ext2 File System and finally, SDA3 is my primary Linux partition (LVM volume). when I install Windows on the second drive it of course blows away GRUB and I was unsuccessful in repairing it so ended up reinstalling. I then disconnected the main drive and installed windows on the second drive and after install it only boots from windows and won't even let me select the primary drive (holding the option key down). Can anyone explain why the windows drive grab priority? anyway to fix this? I torched the windows install for now. Any help is appreciated.

update: I'm trying a virtual machine right now, but as the app is finicky I don't expect success.
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