3D v-cache on ryzen 7000 & Linux


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Sep 23, 2021
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To those who are familiar with the latest offering of ryzen 7000 cpus also know about the fact, that the ones who have 3D v-cache, have it on only one of the two pertaining chiplets, which means that only about half the cores have direct access to the 3D v-cache memory. And as such, AMD doesn't have built-in task schedulers which would favor the v-cached cores for cache intensive workloads and relies on an operating system's cpu scheduler to assign the cores to their appropriate functions.

But who am I kidding with this fancy talk. I am a Linux gamer through and through! :D
What I want to know is whether can I expect (or is it already a feature) for Linux to have software managed methods to prioritize v-cached cores for gaming and cache intensive workloads? Maybe it will be added in game mode?

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