A common question - "How do I boot to USB?"


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This is just an attempt to list the most common keys that get you to the temporary menu where you can select your boot device. This is *not* a list of keys that send you to the BIOS.

It's woefully incomplete, but I only have so many devices and the 'net doesn't agree with a bunch more. If you can fill it in, leave a comment (at the site), please.

As always, I do love me some feedback.


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Booting to a usb on my Tuf Gaming Asus desktop, I have to use F8 to select which device I want to boot. Getting to a usb device on my Sony laptop it's a little bit different.

With the Sony laptop I have to keep pressing F2 until I get into the BIOS.
From the Boot section in the BIOS I can than select the usb drive and make sure that usb is first in the list.

The keys for both of my machines in your article were listed, thanks!

For machines that are not listed in the article it should say in the mother board book how to get into the BIOS and how to boot to a usb device.
Helping folks over the years I have usually been able to find the mobo book online. Notice I said usually.

Unfortunately my Sony didn't come with a mobo book so I had to call Sony.

Have a good week ahead!:)


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I have a self built desktop......it runs an ASRock motherboard.

F11 ...finds the temporary boot menu

I fiddled around with it ages ago and somehow increased the length of time I had to hit that key....probably in bios.
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