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In may last year, as lock-down began in the UK, My tower threw a wobbly, the MB burnt out taking 2 of the 5 hard-drives with it, Not being able to get out for components I decided to buy a cheap second-hand box, I got an HP Prodesk [6 yrs old] it came pre loaded with W10, so I decided to install it .

After 6 hrs the basics were installed but the Mic and Speakers did not work, over the next 4 days I tried playing with all the settings to no avail, [yet my spare Linux laptop drive connected by USB worked perfectly]

So I joined the Microsoft forums, In my introduction I told them , I have been building/upgrading/repairing boxes for friends and family since the 1980’s, and a Linux user for 20 yrs etc. I gave them all the details of the Prodesk and described the problem and what I had already tried.

Well I had a few replies, none of which addressed my problem [some were a little snotty because I had mentioned Linux], so after a couple of weeks, I gave up re-formatted the HD and installed Linux again [which took just over an hour and everything worked]

Out of curtsy I went back to the Microsoft forums, thank them for their answers but as my problem had not been solved I had completely wiped W10 and gone back to Linux..

The punch line..
About a month later I got an e-mail from Microsoft asking me to become a Mentor..
Obviously I never took the offer up.



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Nice Story :) Thanks for sharing. Just goes to show you Linux is a great community!
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