A Start Job Is Running With Debian And The Fix


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I been running Debian since Debian was version 6 now and there has been a consistent issue every time I install a new distro on my triple booted rig.

Upon installing a new distro (on any one of my 3 drives) Debian get's held up at boot time with a start job is running for 1 minute and 30 seconds than resumes the rest of the boot process. This is annoying!

I'm not a boot genius but I think why this occurs is because during a fresh installation all of the other swap partitions get regenerated and this is why the swap or swap partitions get corrupted.

So to fix the issue you have to compare 2 things, 1, the output of your /etc/fstab file and 2, the output of sudo blkid.

IF the two UUIDs are different, then the /etc/fstab file is corrupted and you need to replace the UUID in /etc/fstab with the UUID returned by sudo blkid.

Evidently, I'm not the only one with this booting issue. I found a handful of complaints online.

Here's the thread that spells it out clearly with the fix.-:)

In my case I have 16 Gig's of RAM so I really don't need a swap.
So....next time I probably won't bother creating a swap partition and see if that nips it in the bud.

Hope this helps someone.


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