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Hello! This is my first thread here at linux.org!

I have an Ubuntu server in my company using Samba, we have about 10 users on windows that access the server daily, I'm quite new on Linux administration.

Recently, there's a demand for more usernames and passwords for the server, since there's only one username and password that access one folder which has all the company's data stored on it, the users aren't knowledgeable on command line and Linux administration, they are actually asking me for some sort of software where you type your username and password and access only the files assigned to you, so that's my question, is there any file manager software like this? Sorry if this is very easy and sort of a dumb question, but again I'm quite new on Linux administration. Thanks!


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If you have connected to the server before, you can click on it in the Recent Servers list. Click Connect. The files on the server will be shown. You can browse the files just as you would for those on your own computer.


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yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for, do you suggest any app? Thank you!
Not really my area of expertise (if there were such a thing =:) ). I seem to recall that there's a setting in HTML that will display a filelist, and I've seen download sites that just have lists of flles for download (like some linux distros). I'm sure you could easily find some javascript or something floating around to handle the login/authentication stuff.....



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last time i used samba on linux for windows clients i did it as an Intranet. i.e not Internet
I don't know if the following is going to be any use at all but sometimes , info is not direly useful but gets you thinking and you might be able to apply some concepts !

i started with one know account that was already on the linux machine i.e my own account.
so back then I had an account on the lInux machine as:

usr : andrew
password: ****

Then I ran # smbpasswd -a andrew
that prompted for a password. So here I create a samba password for user

then I created a group for samba

# groupadd office
then i created a directory to put files that would be shared

# mkdir /home/data

# chown -R andrew:eek:ffice /home/data

//so now permissions are owner andrew and group office


# chmod 775 /home/office

//that going to give read, write and execute to andrew and anybody in group office for stuff in /home/data

there was some code i changed involving regit Hkey_Local_Machines sytem currentControlSet Services - can't remember anything about that

then i set up smb.conf

security = SHARE
wins support = yes
workgroup = MIDEARTH

//then i set up for the group i previously created called office

path= /home/data
read only = no
force user= andrew
force group = office
guest ok = yes

#smbclient -L

that was the Ip I set.
Then window users going to : could access fileso n windows machine.

On web server if its apache then usually usr and group are:

group :apache

if none of the above is a waste of space to you appologies !

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