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Do I prefer dual boot or virtual machine which one is best for us?
virtual machine is always better than dual boot.

1. Security wise it's far better
2. You run 2 systems at once

As long as you have enough hardware resources you should run a VM, dual boot is your choice only if your PC is low end.


I run Windows 11 and Kali-Linux on Debian host in the virt-manager with openvswitch (custom networking) and custom nftables firewall that handles packets for both forwarding and the host machine, meaning same firewall applies to all VM's.

Security wise there is no match for this setup because I'm in full control of every packed in a centralized manner which in on my Debian host.

And for point 2, there is also great convenience because I'm able to develop applications that target both systems without having to reboot system only to test every line of code changed, it's as simple as push to cloud from host and pull from cloud to VM and vice versa, therefore productivity is maxed out down to few seconds of the job.

You apply similar logic to job which you do or plan to do, and you should realize the benefits of virtual machines over dual or triple boots.
A VM is the best way to go because a VM is a file and not a Drive...so m$ can't see in to your computer or change anything.

If you dual boot...learn how to repair Grub because windoze likes to wipe it...one of the reasons I never do it.
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I'll second the suggestion to go with VM. If you must use windows It's be most secure way to Go.
As an ECE student, is it okay to make Linux the primary operating system and remove Windows?
As an ECE student, is it okay to make Linux the primary operating system and remove Windows?
It would help if you explain what an ECE student is and what role do computers have in your craft as ECE student (or after graduating if you plan on computer use after the school for your craft)?
ECE student,
Are you studying ti become a teacher of 1st to 5 grades? [early childhood education] then your personal OS may have to take into consideration what systems and programs/apps are necessary for the job, in many countries Microsoft is still king [certainly is in the UK] and everything including exams are based on it. Other countries could be IOS [Apple] or Linux, if you want to use Windows for work and Linux for personal use, then consider either Dule-boot or using a VM
I've multi-booted for many years.......but I AM talking "only Linux" here (and Puppy Linux in particular).

I have everything set-up in such a way that I can 'share' a lot of stuff between Pups - apps, as well as data - and can 'swap' Puppies mid-way through a project, then pick it up again in a second Puppy & carry-on from the exact point where I left off....

Works for me.

Mike. ;)