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On my list of 'articles to write' is one about 'what is Linux?'

Alas, I haven't written it.

Technically, Linux is the kernel.

Colloquially, Linux is a collection of operating systems that use Linux as the kernel (and often some GNU stuff). These systems power everything from your TV, to your servers, to the top 500 supercomputers, and more. It's a versatile kernel that's used in far more than just a desktop and server environment. It's also the kernel in the Android OS that powers the overwhelming majority of cellphones - billions of them.

Beyond that, Linux is the community around it. Without that, Linux would not have become anything and wouldn't be anything today. It's really just the kernel - but it is with that kernel that people have created great, often astounding things. From industrial equipment to the space station, even to Mars, Linux has enabled many great things.
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