Accessing the internet with Ubuntu 18.04

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Mar 23, 2019
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Hi folks,
I recently found out that this site exists and would like to pose a question.
I have recently installed Bionic Beaver on my server and, after installing I can ping the server, host and client on my server itself. I have my server hardwired to a "linksys router (EA6350)" and then to my "Shaw modem (Hitron-2250)". I have set up a static IP address on my server and I am not really sure how to configure my shaw modem to let me through to the internet. I have my domain name pointed to my public ip address and, when I try to access my server via my domain name, it finds my shaw modem setup page instead of my html page. I am afraid that this is beyond the scope of my knowledge on this subject. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

You just need to specify a default gateway and a dns server in your static IP address config. The default gateway is usually your router ip address and the router has a default gateway of your modem. The dns server address is usually also your router in a home setup and converts ip addresses to domain names and vice versa.

If you configure both of those you should have internet access from your server.


Here is a guide that popped up today

How to Configure Static IP Address on Ubuntu 18.04 | Linuxize
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Thank you Larryc, I am going to give this a look and let you know how it went.

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