ACPI Error on LG Gram 17 inch when attempting to multiboot

G'day @alter_ohm and welcome to :), and what good timing on your part ! Nicely done.

Jeffrey, this fell through my net a little because #10 to #13 were written when I was on my road trip last Friday and then came back to the bushfires.

Just to clarify a couple of points, on the pci=nommconf workaround

At startup, my instructions were missing two words "with the.."

and appending it to the line starting kernel.

So it would look like (from your photo), 2nd -last line

linux ...quiet splash $vt_handoff pci=nommconf
Likewise in /etc/default grub, on the "default" line after quiet splash you would insert a space and pci=nommconf ... then close with a quote

Hope that is clear now (the quotes are often unnecessary, but if already there, use them).

Enjoy your Linux, all :)

(BTW nice pic of you taking a pic, Jeff)


No problem, Chris and good to hear from you! Hopefully things are better where you are! @alter_ohm suggested work around (disabling RTD3) worked for both live boot and the install and currently everything is running smoothly. I haven't attempted a second OS install yet (I want to enjoy a working system for now) but I will give it a whirl soon I am sure!

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