Ad blocking in Android


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Apr 2, 2019
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Which ad blocker works in Chrome on Android? I have tried Adguard and Adblock Fast but they don't work on my mother's Samsung Galaxy A30.

I tried Firefox but it's less responsive than Chrome.

I just want to save some data, it's not like I'm paranoid that the Russians or Chinese are after me.

PS I don't know which version of Android the smartphone uses, just that Android is based on Linux.

You could try using brave browser - it's built on chrome:

I'm using it now in Linux and on android. Also, we're listed as a 'supporting publisher' for brave.
You can turn those off, they're opt-in. If you leave em on you actually get paid to view them.

Brave works very well, thank you. Very responsive too. It's just a shame Firefox is really bad on the Android phone. Fine on the PC.

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