Advantages of Wayland over X11


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May 3, 2019
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From CoPilot.

Let’s explore the advantages of Wayland over X11 in the context of Linux:

  1. Reduced Input Delay:
  2. Better Performance:
  3. Simplicity and Streamlined Codebase:
  4. Enhanced Security:
In summary, Wayland offers improved performance, reduced input lag, and a cleaner design compared to X11. However, adoption has been slow due to the need for application modifications. If you’re looking for a more modern and secure windowing system, Wayland is worth considering

  1. Every DE and WM is doing their own implementation and there is no standardization.
  2. There are features that aren't implemented or don't work yet.
  3. Doesn't always work well with Nvidia gpu's.
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I end up disabling wayland in favor of X11 on most devices because wayland support for much of the software is poor at best. In fact I have fixed many things simply by turning off wayland. What wayland seeks to do is great, but the implementation of it has been bad. Wayland is good but not ready for prime time and that has been for quite some time. I stay away from it when I can.

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