Advice for Linux Content creation?


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Oct 24, 2021
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Hi, I am thinking of creating some Youtube videos containing on how I use my Linux Machine. Do you have any ideas, what kind of content you'd like to see? I am not thinking of making the 120.000th distro review, but aim at daily computing and daily used software / workflow.

  • what would you be interested in?
  • What should be the lenght of the videos?
  • What Kind of Software would you use (I am thinking of Vokoscreen-ng and Kdenlive).

I am not showing my face, and would probably use an AI generated voice. Can I get into legal trouble if I would use an AI generated voice from ?

Also throw all kinds of advice it me,

- ty: tinfoil-hat
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I've written an article every other day for going on two years.

The hardest part is probably coming up with ideas for articles. I have lots and lots of notes, but it's still the hardest part.