After installing some mp3 codecs and I rebooted, the computer freezes



Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I recently installed Linux and thought it was fantastic.
Everything was working fine until i tried to play one of my songs from my hard drive that windows was installed in.
It required me to download some plug in or codec (not sure). but after rebooting the computer, the screen would load and reach the desktop. but after that, it would freeze. the icons show but the top bar where the options appear is blank.
not sure how to fix it and i really don't want to reinstall it :/ please help



Sorry to hear of your troubles. Since nobody has replied in two days, I'd say odds are your request is a little vague. Which distro is being used and what kind of install for it was performed? It seems obvious yours is a dual-boot, but with what version of Windows?

Reinstalling is not a problem (at least not near as much as with that other OS). We can make it easier for you if we know more details; maybe even avoid having the problem recur, but need more input of the details from you, jinderpson
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