Alias not working in Bashrc that is a shell script


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Hi All,

I've searched Google, and though I'm searching as to why my alias is not working in the bashrc, I'm getting results of alias not working in shell scripts.

I have a script that is called, and I added an alias in my .bashrc file:
alias digh=""

I sourced the bashrc file, but when I attempt "digh" I get the error: -bash: digh: command not found

I never had an issue with alias in the bashrc before, but this is the first time I've attempted to use an alias for a shell script. Is there something I am overlooking?


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Just a guess, but usually you have to either add the full path, or put the script file some where in your path.

alias digh="/path/to/"


mv /usr/bin

also remember to make the script executable.

chmod 755
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