Ambdec presets and Ambisonics implementation




I'm a student of Audio Engineering in Croatia, and my BSc thesis is implementation of 16-Channel Ambisonics system under Linux (Ubuntu).
For this project, I have studied several papers and instructions, and for now, I have installed JACK, Ambdec, AMB plugins and Ardour. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to actually try the whole thing because I'm still waiting for my RME Raydat order to go through.
My question: do you know how can I find some Ambdec 16-channel presets? I have found several presets in Ambdec directory, but none of them are for 16 speakers, so I could really use some help...
Also, I have to say I'm confused with the whole AMB plugins thing (I have read papers where people claim they use both AMB plugins and Ambdec during Ambisonics reproduction). What is their purpose? Do they become redundant if you use Ambdec?

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