AMD RX570 crashes in idling, amdgpu vs Kernel


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Aug 12, 2020
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I wonder whom can help me,

Lets start with my PC Specs:
CPU: Intel i5-4690 @ 3.9Ghz
RAM: 16Gig DDR3 @ 1600mhz
SSD: 256GB sata interface
MBoard: Asus H81M-C mini-ATX
GPU: AMD RX570 4Gig VRAM (amdgpu mesa 20.3.0 dev oilaf-ppa)
OS: Linux Mint 20 (kernel 5.8.0)

I have a problem that my system keeps crashing on me if in idling mode. It crashes about 5min after boot.
I found that this only occurs after updating the system to latest kernel and mesa, even on live sessions it crashes.
The only time it stays stable in idling mode was when tested with live session on LinuxFX 10.4 with kernel 5.8.0 and 20.0.8 mesa, but started to crash after update.
The only way I can keep it operational is to open browser directly after boot and start YouTube videos, but can't pause video, nor switch off screen or minimize browser or switch tabs for too long 15-30min max unless its a streaming or video playing site. (So have to play long videos if want to go to sleep, to avoid YouTube's auto-pause.)
On older Linux build it stays stable , but crashes after updates.
Can work on it as long as YouTube video is playing, can play games without YouTube running even Heaven Benchmark.

Sometimes when quick enough and see system busy freezing I can get it back with pressing "alt+crtl+F1" to get it on tty1 and then "alt+crlt+F7" to get it back on login screen, or a messed up screen that resembles corrupt VRAM. but know all is well with GPU. It works great under Windows, but there are other hardware that does not play nice with Windows that work 100% in Linux.

I tried everything seen in other post with no success, please help??

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