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An update to the Wesnoth game...


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Jul 23, 2020
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I haven't played it. I am not much of a gamer, meaning I don't game at all really. I just happened to notice elsewhere and figured I'd share it here.

Hmm... I hear it's actually a fun game to play. Maybe one of these days I'll have time and motivation to look into it.

Yep. the 1.16 version with less bugs. I don't like some graphical changes.
Some friends say that units are too tiny and a few pixels, this game needs more graphic.
As a wesnoth player, I am to say it's like chess and all graphic u need is to recognize what is what.
This game is turned-based , like chess, but it can be multiplayer. You choose a faction. If you are into "lord of the rings" theme, or warcraft III theme and sometimes say "RIP blizzard by abandoning warcraft III" and you are much older :D this game will please you. you play your turn with units with move/attack points, terrain advantage/disadvantage weapon advantage weakness, and gaining and spending gold and upkeep. one of your goal is to possess 'villages' and extend your income. You may try many strategies.
Terrain makes maps unique. Some factions are too weak/powerful on some terrains. So it's quite tricky to make a map and make it popular. yes. you can make/edit maps and there's WML/LUA programming that can let you make custom campaigns and custom games. so you can find more fun stuff, map packs, good user made maps on add-ons server.
If you are a linux mage sitting in a corner, watching the world fall apart, this game gives you the chance to test the "strategy mage" that you may be are.

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