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So I've been subject to some rather advanced hacking. Long story short, through means of brute force TTY and shell/root manipulation, the hackers have used ADB (android debugging bridge) and trace/printk to debug my kernel and place kernel hooks. (They've done the same to my computer, which is a Linux Mint Distro. Advice on it would be great, too.)

Holding the "Home," "Power," and "Volume Up" hard-keys brings up a menu that allows me to look at system recovery logs. Therein I can access the "kmsg" (kernel message log), and get a printout of it's processes. There is a list of Kernel commands (I assume that are being administered via remote shell via tty) and a few lines that read, "NOTICE NOTICE NOTICE ... This is a debugged kernel. If you are not debugging the kernel please contact your vendor."

So, I did just that. I went to MetroPCS, who in turn referred me to their support line, who in turn referred me to Samsung support, who left me with two options: Send in my phone, or visit one of their licensed repair vendors. I chose the latter. UBREAKIFIX informed me that the complexity was beyond their abilities (even though Samsung support had told me they would be able to give me a diagnostic and printout of everything that occurred in my phone, as well as reset the kernel), and said I'd need to ship my phone in to Samsung.

So, I've decided to make a pit stop by these forums in hope to garner any more information in regards to the matter. I'm hoping to avoid sending my phone in, whilst simultaneous getting some verifiable proof of the occurrence and make Samsung aware of the software manipulation.

So my question is just that, are there any official outlets (without shipping in my phone) that I can get to recognize and help me fix (and prevent future instances) this infiltration of my privacy. Sensitive personal information as already been exfiltrated and used against me, and the hacking is across all my devices. So I want verification so I can file a police report if possible.

And while I'm here, same for my computer. It's a bit different, as I can access all the kernel, directories, bootloaders myself. Whereas my phone I cannot bypass manufacturers/vendors barriers. Still though.

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks in advanced.

(I tried posting this on Samsung Community forums but it kept getting marked as "spam"). Lol


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So, I've decided to make a pit stop by these forums in hope to garner any more information in regards to the matter.
G'day @Rhythmlyss .

Android, although it was originally based on a form of Linux, has been since re-engineered and proprietary protocols added by Google, that it is barely recognisable as Linux for a long time now.

Unless someone here steps forward having knowledge with regard to this matter, I don't see your chances here as being very good at getting a solution.

There is an Australian-based website with a worldwide membership, Whirlpool, that may have a mobile/cell phone subforum, you could try your luck there.

Other than that, regrets and good luck.

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