AnitaOS - A DIY Distro - You build it yourself

yep low on resources and high in features. There is now also a static libs version of Abiword 2.66 which opens .docx files with plugins statically built in.
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AnitaOS is now on the Distrowatch waiting list

Great job and good luck! I hope the day comes that AnitaOS becomes very popular. You need to try to get a development team and some followers. Then, AnitaOS can prosper. I will try to recommend it to more people.
Well if it wasn't for your support Devyn I probably would have given up to be honest and also your excellent artwork as well.

There has been good days and bad - but it is worth it.
Announcing a new cooking iso with xorg 7.5 instead of 7.31 is ready for download. As usual the browser is a separate download but options are included in the same folder as the iso
here: Cooking 21 02 2014/
The iso is here: Cooking 21 02 2014/anitaos(SMP)(Xorg7.5).iso/download

I often make cooking iso's to try new ideas and upgrades before committing them to the LTS stable ones.

Newer Xorg seems to work better with the B______________ awful Via video card in my AMD Sempron 3000+ SR1300AN Compaq Presario.
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Now added a Puppy 4.32 based smp based iso - the reason is this is better supported for newer wireless drivers than the AnitaOS smp iso. It is what I am now using myself and for a woof based build is very stable. For non SMP machines the non-SMP is still a good choice as it works with RTL8192CU for example and its older kernel is ideal for really retro machines.
This is really really cool! How did you even get started with writing your own OS?
Sorry if that is a repeated post by the way and you have explained! I could not find it through the 5 pages of posts you have managed to start :p
This is really really cool! How did you even get started with writing your own OS?
Basically it all started as an attempt to update puppy linux 4.12 because Barry Kauler was getting to the point of retiring and had decided that Wary Puppy would be phased out leaving retro users without a Puppy Linux for really old machines.

I had to do a lot of updating to the 412 base using Debian SDL libraries from Debian Squeeze so something as simple as the latest seamonkey could be run this meant that the old Puppy Linux 4.12 drifted further and further away from the original and became more than just a simple remaster especially when I discovered a remastering script called
woofy. I also changed to ICEwm as JWM is not my cup of tea.

I started converting packages from Debian, Slackware and Vector Linux as also used some Puppy Linux stuff as well.

So there you go a retro disro for really old machines.

If you want to start your own distro I recommend a food established based distro is the way to go.

As far as screenshots I post one soon.

By the way as I have said many times thank you to these forums and Devyn C Johnson who provided some great wallpapers for the project.
Screenshot ICEWM default desktop

If this wallpaper is familiar it is one of Devyn's great works.

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