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Not really the patch works against Shellshock which affects all distros and even some brands of routers and other devices so changing base won't stop this problem.
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Latest regular AnitaOS with a non-SMP kernel with a Xorg 7.3 is now available this is as usual an LTS release:

P.s. Have now added a SMP (Symmetric Multi Processing. In human-language, it is the option that allow the kernel to run two or more processes running concurrently at the same time (this is different from multithreading on single core, single-CPU system, which two or more processes taking turns to use the single CPU) ISO in the same folder.

Avidemux video editor is removed. FFconvert is there to do the same job. Flburn cdburner also added.
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After a long while updated Seamonkey to latest as a maintenance update version
This project still lives recently did a new Seamonkey build. Iso(s) stay the same as they run Seamonkey and firefox fine and don't date. They are LTS iso(s).
Hi Darren (I take it Darren Hale & darry1966 are one & the same?).

Just a heads up that that link at #111 might be better as eg

... else it starts the download process straight away, albeit it can be cancelled.

This looks extraordinarily interesting - I may have to find me a 26-hour day so that I can look into it further.

Nice work. :)


BTW answered my own question, found the DCJTechinfo page
Edited added BTW
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Hi Wiz,

Yes I was darry1966 and Darren Hale are the same.

Based on and forked from old puppy 4.31 for real old hardware - support for which is fast disappearing. As stated minmal ISO with no Browser - you have to add the one of your choice.:)
Ta for the response mate.

Almost hesitate to say this to a Kiwi but -

ya gotta love that Barry Kauler, eh? Puppy opened up SO many opportunities.

Maybe we should have a Barry K Day? If our two great Nations celebrate it, that would be a start.

Yes I agree Barry Kauler is up there with RMS and Linux as far as I am concerned and Puppy is really the first small distro designed to run in ram others followed.:)
Hi Darren, just an update.

I have downloaded the latest Anita and hope to get the time to play with it next few days. I note too, your mention of it at It's FOSS ... goodonyer ;)

Last few days I have also
  • installed to hdd (yes, I know, sacrilege) Tahrpup64 6.0.5 CE and
  • joined murga linux
So the latter quarter of 2017 is focused on Wizard learning about Pups and the like.


@darry1966 im very much interested in using anitaos .i used puppylinux in past . i installed now anitaos using LICK . i found its best. But after installing os i donno how to install browser ? can u plz help ... (the help page link to from sourceforge is not working)

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